I'm Nobody. Who are you?

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Out of all the looks Tarja went though in her time with Nightwish, I think the way she looked during Century Child was the most incredibly beautiful. I love how she looks in the video for Bless The Child. She almost looked otherworldly, in a romantic vampire kind of way. <3 

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Trouble uploading self-made gifs

I am currently having a most difficult time posting up a gif I created. It doesn’t move—it only stays stuck on the first frame. Perhaps I need to reduce the frame count.


The Rainbow roses were created by Dutch flower company owner Peter VanDe Werken,who produced them by developing a technique for injecting natural pigments into their stems while they are growing to create a striking multicolored petal effects.

The dyes are produced from natural plant extracts and absorbed by the flowers as they grow. A special process then controls how much color reaches each petal- with spectacular results.

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